My husband and I were having marital issues with communication, intimacy and just flat out not understanding one another. So we decided to seek out counseling to help us understand why we were having the problems that we were. I had the pleasure of meeting with Mrs. Farida Saleem- Boyer; she sat us down to open up the lines of positive communication. She gave us a coupleís assessment test in which she broke down which areas we were in need of improvement. Mrs. Boyer had us express our feelings to one another without interruption. Her expertise and knowledge helped us to engage in ways that we never have before.

I must testify that obtaining counseling was the best thing we could have ever done for our marriage. After seeking the help that we so desperately needed from our counselor, we have been in positive communication, the intimacy has been completely restored and Iím so happy to report that we honestly havenít had an argument in months. My husband and I have a better understanding of one another and we support each other thru good times and bad.

The spark has truly been rekindled in our marriage and I would like to thank Mrs. Boyer for all that she has done to help us restore the health of our marriage.

Thank You,

Mr. & Mrs. Pettey


At the behest of a good friend, I sought counseling for my teenager. I remember my teenage years and wish that counseling was available for me as I had to adjust to changing hormonal levels. I am so glad I did. In just 5 sessions with Farida Saleem, my teenager found her voice. She was allowed to express her emotions and not keep them bottled inside. This gave her confidence. Confidence, a winning attitude and a new school environment that focused on positivity turned the grades from average to OUTSTANDING. I highly endorse Farida Saleem-Boyer to instill much needed confidence in our youth.

Thank you - from a concerned parent.

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