FCOTS provides individual, couples, families, and group therapeutic counseling sessions based on the need of the client. Trained staff will meet one on one with individuals in a safe, warm environment to help establish a positive therapeutic relationship.

Individuals will have the opportunity to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and concerns in hopes of gaining emotional wellness and stability with the therapist.

Couples will partner with therapist to develop skills and techniques to strengthen their relationships. Some specific issues may include, but are not limited to communication, establishing trust and financial stability.

Prepare-Enrich Assessment for Couples is a customized couples assessment completed online that identifies a couples strengths, and growth areas. Based on the couples assessment results, a trained facilitator provides 4 to 8 feedback sessions in which the facilitator helps the couple to discuss and understand their results as they are taught proven relationship skills.

Family therapy includes multiple family members meeting together to address the concerns or conflicts within the family system. Family issues may include children’s behaviors, effective parenting, family secrets, blended families and chronic illness.

Play Therapy is an alternative method of treatment that provides a child to meet one on one with the therapist to address specific behavior patterns or concerns that are getting in the way of the child’s ability to function day to day. Play therapy aids the child in learning to express their feelings through play, build Self- esteem and helps to calm their anxiety.

Group Therapy includes three or more individuals working together for a period of the four weeks to focus on issues such as anger management, self-empowerment, and building relationships in work environment or personally.

Executive Team Building & Staff Development - FCOTS offers an opportunity for organizations to utilize our services to build healthy bonds, develop a stronger work ethic, empower staff, and assist employers with increasing staff moral.


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